FCP short cut?

Darby Lee Darrow darrowspammagnet at cox.net
Thu May 15 05:28:49 PDT 2003

Does anyone know if there is a keyboard short cut for bringing up the 
voice over window? I am trying to set some shortcuts onto my Contour 
Shuttle Pro. I can set Shift-c to start recording but the voice over 
window needs to be active.

Or is there a work around? I would like to have the Timeline selected 
(Command 3) so I can rehearse the timing for the VO then by press of 
the button make the VO window active then press the record button, 
all by use of the shuttle pro.

I have found short cuts for Viewer, canvas, timeline... but not Tool 
bench or Voice Over.


Darby Lee Darrow
darrowspammagnet at cox.net

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