[MacDV] Re: iTunes AAC to iMovie 2

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Wed May 21 16:37:39 PDT 2003

>> From your comments below I assume you are using iMovie 2. I doubt 
>> that will import AACs at all. You can get around this by converting 
>> the AACs to AIFFs and then importing them into iMovie. And no, this 
>> is not illegal. In fact, your AAC purchase *specifically* includes 
>> the right to use the song for personal iMovies or iPhoto slide shows!
On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 02:27  PM, Juan Mariscal wrote:
> the question i have is how does one convert these AACs to AIFF. Yes, i 
> am using iMovie 2 since iMovie 3 in my opinion is not ready for prime 
> time (I have the latest version of 3!)
>>> Also, I have QT Pro and that won't let me export the AAC file to 
>>> another format.
>> iTunes will, so use that. It will not let you (directly) convert to 
>> MP3, however.

Yes it will.

On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 02:27  PM, Juan Mariscal wrote:
> How does iTunes allow you to export the files to another format and 
> what format would that be?

You can transcode ANY song format that plays in iTunes (including MPEG2 
etc.) to MP3, AAC or AIFF.

1. Preference -> Importing -> Import Using -> Choose what format you 
want to convert a file to.

2. Setting: Choose what bitrate you want your converted file to be in.

3. I leave Play songs while importing unchecked and Create file names 
with track number checked.

4. Close preferences.

5. Locate tracks that are in iTunes OR drag files you want to convert 
TO an iTunes playlist.

6. Highlight the track or tracks you want to convert.

7. choose from the Advanced Menu -> Convert Selection to (the format 
you have chosen)

8. iTunes rips the conversions in the location of the tracks being 


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