[MacDV] A to D: advice needed....

W T McCain III list at mccaingroup.com
Sun Dec 26 11:43:17 PST 2004

I have been burning DVDs using iMovie, iDVD & Toast for quite a while 
now on my PB Titanium 500 (I upgraded the DVD drive).

I am finally ready to convert my kids extensive VHS collection to 
DVD. I am also ready to convert my extensive collection of 8mm analog 
video tape to DVD.

What is the easiest way to do this?

My digital video camera is a Sony TRV900, so it does not pass through 
via firewire to iMovie.

Is getting a CANOPUS ADVC-110 and importing via my old analog 8mm 
camera into iMovie the easiest way to move the 8mm data?

What is the easiest work flow for moving VHS to DVD? Do I have to 
import into iMovie, or can I use the CANOPUS ADVC-110 to import to 
Toast to burn a DVD?

Your advice is appreciated!!


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