QUES: burning movie to DVD

Tiik at aol.com Tiik at aol.com
Tue Jun 1 13:38:56 PDT 2004

Hi DV's,
I have a very novice question here, but bare with me
b/c it is my first time copying a movie to DVD disk.

I have a movie I made in Adobe Premiere.
I intend to burn it to DVD.
I am perfectly willing to go ahead and burn this Adobe Premiere movie file to 
DVD disk but I am concerned that I will then just have an 
unreadable Adobe Premiere file on a DVD disk.
I am familiar with burning to CD, and if I were to burn this movie
to CD it will be an Adobe Premiere file that someone can open in QuickTime on 
their computer.
My question is this...once I burn this Premiere movie file to a DVD,
will a DVD player know to open the Premiere file and play it?
I mean, what if it was a Final Cut Pro file? Would a DVD player
know how to open that and play it?
Do you see what I am struggling with here?

So, any takers? How to I get an Adobe Premiere file,
or any movie file for that matter, to be readable on
a DVD disk to play on a TV monitor?


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