[MacDV] Re: dvd burner

Richard Dalziel Sharpe dalshar at optushome.com.au
Tue Jun 8 23:23:46 PDT 2004

Accelerate Your Mac have a searchable database of drives and which Macs 
they work with. They also have links to soft ware which will enable 
iDVD to be used with some unsupported (by Apple) Macs. Finally they 
also have links to pages which will show you how to change over your 
drive. Apple also has pages with instructions on how to swap drives 
over. I have done it and I have five thumbs on each hand, its very 
easy. The only thing to be really careful about is that you follow the 
instructions about static electricity discharge religiously.
Regards Richard

On 09/06/2004, at 3:55 AM, R B Williams wrote:

> Both the A04 & A05 are recognized as original superdrives in a B&W G3 
> (w/ 500 mhz G4
> upgrade). This supports iDVD 3 burning under Panther. Haven't tried 
> faster/newer
> versions since this suits me fine.
> FYI - I was not able to burn DVD's when the same machine ran 9.2.2.
> R.B.
> David Minard wrote:
>> I remember a thread a while back about a Pioneer DVD drive that could
>> be retro-fitted into certain Mac towers. I have a Sonnet G4 upgraded
>> blue and white G3 tower. Which dvd drive is it and can this be
>> installed in my machine?

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