[MacDV] Mac rookie needs your opinion

ShirleyK ShirleyKat at cox.net
Fri Jun 11 18:07:41 PDT 2004

On Jun 11, 2004, at 12:48 PM, wtfletch at direcway.com wrote:

> I am going to make the switch over to the dark side - MAC.

Ha Ha - that's what we call the other side

> I'm considering that bad boy G5 dual 2.5G. I need the opinion of "the 
> Pro's" on what I should add to the stock G5. I was thinking 1G mem,

You mean total memory or adding 1 Gig to what it comes with? I have 2 
Gig on my G4 (last top of the line before G5) You can never have too 
much memory (just kidding - 8 gig is kind of over the top for a video 

> 250G sata to start off with (plus the 23inch monitor).

I hope you know about the $500 back with this monitor but check the 
ending date. It's real soon now.

> Someone told me that I could get an ATI all-in-wonder card for the G5 
> and make it my home entertainment center. Anyone try this yet?
> Also, I am going to get into DV editing so I needed your suggestions 
> for an additional application. I don't need to make a movie but I'd 
> like to have some nice features and not have to go back to school for 
> a year to be able to operate it! I will eventually have a lot of home 
> movies to edit/burn.
> Final Cut express?

I would play around with iMovie for a while. Find out what its 
limitations are for the kind of work you expect to do. It comes with 
the machine, so it costs nothing to try it. Then, maybe you'll have a 
better basis for deciding between the two Final Cut programs (Pro & 
> Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you all with these piddly 
> question but I have to learn somewhere, might as well learn from the 
> Pro's!

Sorry not a pro at all.


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