[MacDV] Copying DVD made in iDVD?

Laine Lee llee at moss.colfa.utsa.edu
Sat Jun 12 19:24:14 PDT 2004

When Disk Utility (Panther) is open but nothing is selected, look at the New
submenu in the Images menu. The choices are grayed out, but you should be
able to see one that reads "Image from (Select a device)...". When you have
a DVD mounted an its volume selected in the left half of the window, use
that command (which now displays the volume name)

If you have to use Disk Copy in Jaguar, use the same command, only it's in
the file menu, and you have to select it before choosing the disk volume
from which to create the image.

> Can someone please post the recipe for copying DVD-R made in iDVD? I
> think you use the Apple Disk Copy utility and make a disk image. But so
> far, I've made 3 coasters...
> Thanks,
> -DC
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