[MacDV] Problem exporting to tape--iMovie4

John Collins johnccollins at comcast.net
Tue Sep 14 16:09:37 PDT 2004


I am using iMovie4 on a G4/D800 with 1.5 Gb. The problem comes when I 
try to export the finished movie back to tape. All seems well on the 
computer but in the camera LCD I get a broken up image--like big jig 
saw puzzle pieces (and on playback the same). The camera is a Sony 
TRV-20 and I have tried it both with "play through to camera" checked 
and unchecked. Due to a process of elimination I think it is something 
with the computer. (I have done the normal maintenance functions and 
all seems to be OK)

I can move the movie to my Pismo and it works fine exporting to tape on 
the same camera. I have also reinstalled iLife 4, thinking that it had 
been corrupted. No difference in result. I also have tried iMovie 3 &2 
with no difference. I have swapped cables and FW ports. So it seems to 
be something about the computer itself.  I have tried 2 different 
movies--one at 59" and the other 40". Any suggestions?

John in Tucson

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