[MacDV] Problem exporting to tape--iMovie4

Gregg Gorrie ggorrie at telus.net
Thu Sep 16 16:44:07 PDT 2004

on 9/16/04 2:58 PM, John Collins at johnccollins at comcast.net wrote:

> Gregg-- thanks for the response. I am currently working thru PCI FW
> card  (forgotten what it is) and I think I have already tried the
> internal FW ports but will retry and try some of your other
> suggestions-- will get back on it.

Ah, that may very well be your problem. What make/model of PCI card are you

As mentioned in my earlier post, there was this issue with certain PCI FW
cards, notably Orange Micro, but generally cards with an NEC chipset were
problematic (ie slower) and cards with Texas Instrument chipsets seemed to
be fine.

Computers with the built-in FW ports didn't seem to exhibit this problem.

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