[MacDV] Problem exporting to tape--iMovie4

John Collins johnccollins at comcast.net
Fri Sep 17 16:11:53 PDT 2004

Thanks for the suggestions on my problem.

  Thanks to John Beatty, my problem appears to be solved. He suggested 
resetting the FW ports--I had never heard of it. He also pointed to an 
article giving procedures. I followed them (shutting down, 
disconnecting all cables and waiting 3-5 minutes with computer 
disconnected from power--start up and reconnect one by one).

  I have now tried both cameras and reconnected all FW devices 
(5external HDs, DVD-RAM drive and CD burner) with complete success. I 
had not had any problems with the connections, just the image break up 
on the cameras.

  Anybody who uses FW devices and obviously video cameras may want to 
check this out.


John in tucson
On Sep 14, 2004, at 4:09 PM, John Collins wrote:

> Hi--
> I am using iMovie4 on a G4/D800 with 1.5 Gb. The problem comes when I 
> try to export the finished movie back to tape. All seems well on the 
> computer but in the camera LCD I get a broken up image--like big jig 
> saw puzzle pieces (and on playback the same). The camera is a Sony 
> TRV-20 and I have tried it both with "play through to camera" checked 
> and unchecked. Due to a process of elimination I think it is something 
> with the computer. (I have done the normal maintenance functions and 
> all seems to be OK)
> I can move the movie to my Pismo and it works fine exporting to tape 
> on the same camera. I have also reinstalled iLife 4, thinking that it 
> had been corrupted. No difference in result. I also have tried iMovie 
> 3 &2 with no difference. I have swapped cables and FW ports. So it 
> seems to be something about the computer itself.  I have tried 2 
> different movies--one at 59" and the other 40". Any suggestions?
> John in Tucson
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