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Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Wed Sep 29 14:44:31 PDT 2004

Ted Langdell
Ted Langdell Creative Broadcast Services
Marysville, CA

You might do a Google search using "Transfer from Dish DVR to 
PowerBook" and then click on the "Groups" function and check there, 

I pulled up quite a few links to items, but didn't have time to scan 

There are also some satellite related news groups that might offer 


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> Subject: [MacDV] Transferring Dish DVR to PB?
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> Anybody know a good way to transfer recorded programming from a Dish 
> Network
> DVR into my PowerBook? I'm leaving on a weeklong trip and would like to
> catch up on some programming I've saved.
> The DVR has 4 outputs: a 62-pin "Expansion Port," a standard TV 
> connection,
> an S-Video connection, and a red/white/yellow RCA connection. Dish 
> Network
> tech support says it can't be done, of course. I'm guessing for a few
> hundred dollars, Eye TV could do it, but that's a bit costly for 
> watching a
> few TV shows. Anybody know another way?
> Thanks,
> Brian

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