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I concur.  If you can't say something nice or helpful, don't say  
anything at all.  That said, this list is mostly concerned with  
digital video on the Macintosh, hardware and system questions may be  
better posted to a list specifically addressing those issues.

That said, I will report on my experience using FCP 3 and QT 7 on my  
Dual 867 G4 as soon as I get around to using FCP to process the huge  
amount of DV tapes I have already shot...  First priority is getting  
the windows caulked, glazed and painted before the Winter and the  
heating bills hit!  (After that I've got a couple of cords of locust  
to split for the woodstove... Tiger Balm will come in handy real soon  
now :-)

                     Joey Kennedy.

On Sep 19, 2005, at 1:14 PM, Spud0812 at wrote:

>> So I made a mistake...I mistook a Notebook for a desktop, and then  
>> I confused a browser name with an operating system...well, be it  
>> planned obsolescence or whatever, (Apple's incessant upgrades) I  
>> dont have much time to keep up with the various bells and  
>> whistles...I am still stunned by the response here. I thought the  
>> object of this list group was to help one another? God forbid you  
>> should ever be admonished for your "stupid questions" !!
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