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Mon Sep 19 15:07:09 PDT 2005

On Sep 19, 2005, at 5:17 PM, Gerhard Kuhn wrote:

> If I was you I would go play with people you like.  You have an 
> abrasive manner about you that is not endearing to most of us.
> Gerhard

I'm abrasive. Let me have a crack.

>  I did! G5 Powermac, upgraded OS 10. 3 something...( I just inherited 
> this Mac less then a few days ago, pardon me if I havent had time to 
> get everything correct here!) to Tiger. After I installed Tiger,iDVD 
> choked when I tried to take out an iMovie project. It refuses to burn 
> the project. So, obviously there must be a problem with the driver not 
> working since I upgraded?
>     thank you
>  "the wise man concedes" ;o)
>  But then Im not a man so what do i 
> know?_______________________________________________

Ok, I looked at your original post and this one.
  1st  Having done the major upgrade, are you also fully iLife 5 ?
Did you , having done the upgrade, then use a utility like Onyx or 
System optimizer or macjanitor  or even
the  Mac disc utility to " repair permissions", and update the 
"prebindings" . It's a good idea.
  Are your projects  from a former iMovie version? are all the clips 
present ? Does it play in the view screen ?

Finally, You don't BURN an iMovie project to a DVD.  I'd guess this is 
your problem.
You Export it to iDVD which prepares and burns the DVD. You don't use 
You let iDVD encode format and burn your DVD's.
You feed iDVD .dv files and jpegs  not mpeg.

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