[MacDV] My Mac is taking three times longer to boot up...

Karla-Tonella at uiowa.edu Karla-Tonella at uiowa.edu
Wed Sep 28 09:30:35 PDT 2005

>I wouldn't think just installing some apps would slow boot time like 
>that.  Maybe there's a background daemon that SnapZ Pro installs 
>that's slowing boot-up time?

SnapZ Pro does put itself into the Login Items list so that it is 
always available.  It would slow boot-up to the extent that it takes 
it to load and you should see the start-up logo screen everytime you 
boot up. You can choose to remove it from the Login Items list and 
start it like any other application if you don't use it frequently.


Karla-Tonella at uiowa.edu
Obermann Center for Advanced Studies

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