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sb videovideo at mac.com
Tue Oct 10 00:10:01 PDT 2006

The latest version of WM is very good too.
In many businesses, the applications on the company computers are locked. If
QT is not installed by the IT department, then you are out of luck.
That's when Flash works well, and WM.

So, know your audience.

 just .02 worth



On 10/9/06 6:35 PM, "Colt Freeman" <cfreeman at liberty.edu> wrote:

> Quicktime is the BEST method, bar none; hands down no questions asked. There
> is no other solution, look at every single movie trailer on the internet.
> Look at the stand-alone site they build, every single one uses Quicktime,
> why do you think it's the standard codeq for most video authoring? (besides
> that bastion avid) Its the best, simply done.
> No freaking frame by frame in WMV grr...
> /Soapbox
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> On 10/9/06 9:28 PM, "Ronald Woodland" <woodland at infowest.com> wrote:
>> H.264 is an improved version of MPEG-4.  Yes, it does very well
>> streaming video on a web page, but it is also the codec specified in
>> both of the new competing standards for delivering high definition on
>> DVDs -- HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.  This codec seems to do it all very well
>> -- at low data rates and high.  I've noticed that it does a much
>> better job than MPEG-4 during transitions on low data rate video,
>> especially.
>> Yes, the Flash Player plug-in may be pre-installed on more browsers
>> than any other and there may be more Windows users than other other
>> -- that is all true.  But what is also true is that for reliability
>> and clean dependable delivery, Quicktime is so much better than
>> either FLV, Real, or WMV technology.
>> I have used Quicktime for years in cross-platform multimedia projects
>> using Director.  It's easy use and completely reliable.  It's easy to
>> test for the presence of Quicktime and the version number in a OS
>> configuration within Director.  I include the full Quicktime install
>> on the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and then automate the installation process
>> for those of the Windows persuasion who may be clueless how to do
>> it.  I am sure this could be done on a web site using JavaScript, too.
>> Of course, Microsoft would never agree to including Quicktime in
>> their Windows install like they have the Flash Player.  Remember when
>> Microsoft bought Apple stock just after Steve Jobs returned to
>> Apple ...when everyone was predicting Apple's demise ("Apple: going
>> out of business for over 10 years")?  Do you know why they did that?
>> They were caught red-handed stealing Quicktime code and using it in
>> their Windows Media Player.  Steve needed the money and they were
>> more than happy to settle rather than face public humiliation in
>> another public court case.
>> Quicktime is the best video delivery technology.
>> Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.
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>> Ronald Woodland -- St. George, Utah  84770
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>> On Oct 9, 2006, at 7:02 PM, David DelMonte wrote:
>> The latter (Flash) is also best if you do not want your video easily
>> poached. If you want general distribution, the top three programs are
>> QT, Real, and Windows Media. I believe that the latter two have
>> proprietary codecs. Is that correct?
>> David
>> David
>> On Oct 9, 2006, at 8:54 PM, sb wrote:
>>> H.264 is the codec, just like sorenson 3 is a codec. You choose H.
>>> 264 in the
>>> compression application (QT or Compressor, etc)
>>> H.264 is very good for the web, that's what it was created for - to
>>> maximize
>>> quality with the smallest file sizes.
>>> That said, you need to know what your intended audience has - you
>>> might be
>>> better off using WMP (Windows Media Player) if most/all your
>>> viewers are PC
>>> people, or you might be better off with Flash 8 if you want to
>>> stream a high
>>> quality video.
>>>  regards,
>>>  sb
>>> On 10/9/06 7:19 AM, "CAM" <camzotter at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hello everyone:
>>>> Can someone please let me know what the compression type H.254 is? I
>>>> usually use sorenson 3.
>>>> Also, if I am exporting quicktime videos for the web, what type of
>>>> compression do you recommend to have an equal balance of download
>>>> time
>>>> and video quality?
>>>> Thanks in advance!

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