[MacDV] Final Cut Express ghost help

Joan Keenan janjay at mac.com
Tue Oct 10 04:38:16 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm new to Final Cut Express and am trying to assemble a series of  
about 10 short sequences into a final sequence. I have been able to  
drag the sequences into order and play as the final video. The  
problem I am encountering is in couple of sequence where there are  
short slips fading in and out over the main clip. i.e. teacher  
talking about playing jacks, fade in hand throwing jacks, and back to  
main footage fade in picking up jacks, back to main clip. These work  
fine in the sequence, but twice now in the large sequence the fade  
ins start in the wrong place and then repeat in the correct  
place....when the individual sequence is double clicked the fade ins  
are in the right place! and don't exist where they show up!!! The  
ghost clips are haunting me.

So far the only solution has been to go back to the original  
sequence, delete the clip involved and reinsert....then replace the  
sequence in the final video. So far it has happened twice with  
different clips....each time when there are a couple of short fadeins  
and outs.

Any ideas what to do to avoid this???

Joan Keenan

Mac Mini intel 2 gb ram
FCE HD 3.5

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