[MacDV] Re: FCP- Importing Music Files & Transitions containing Artifacts

sb videovideo at mac.com
Tue Oct 17 09:20:53 PDT 2006

If it's purchased music, you cannnot without ripping it first. Use either
the CD method, or my fav, iMovie.

If it's not purchased music, then it's most likely because you didn't import
into iTunes in the correct codec/sample rate.
You tune needs to be 48khz and .aiff.
If that's the case, go into the iTunes Preferences and change the Import.
Then, select the song, right click and change it. It's also under the
Advanced menu.

As for the ghosting, Lanny's suggestion is one possible cause (make sure you
cut you clips on shot changes so this doesn't happen - use DV Start/Stop
detection to do it automatically for you)
The other possibility is that a render file has gotten "stuck". To force a
re-render, just turn off visibility (the green dot) on the track with the
transitions. You'll get a warning, go ahead and do it, then re-render.



On 10/17/06 2:03 AM, "carlian" <carlian at picknowl.com.au> wrote:

> Thanks for your answer Ross.
> I note what you have written, but then why are there no problems when
> using iMovie ?
> When I drill down through the folders in FCP I get a list of artists
> from which I can import music, but what I want is a list of the songs
> in iTunes (as they appear in the iTunes Library).
> Ian T.
> On 16/10/2006, at 9:46 PM, Dominion Market Research wrote:
>> Ian,
>> I believe the iTunes issue has to do with Copyright protection on
>> the music. You need to take extra steps such as what you've done or
>> burn the music to a CD and then import into FCP/E.
>> Ross Hunter
>> Orange, VA
>>> I am using the latest version of FCP on a 2.66 duo-core MacPro.
>>> When I try to import music into FCP from iTunes the iTunes library
>>> is greyed out and upon going to User>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music I
>>> end up with a list of artists rather than "songs".   I have been
>>> getting around this by dragging a copy of the music I require from
>>> the actual iTunes window to the Desktop and then importing the
>>> resultant file into FCP.
>>> Can someone give me a clue how to access the iTunes library from
>>> FCP please?
>>> My other problem is that when I go to do "dissolve", or "Iris"
>>> transitions in the timeline I end up with footage (artifacts?)
>>> from a completely unrelated clip appearing within part of the
>>> transition. I have tried closing down FCP and reopening it but the
>>> same thing still happens.   There is no sign of the unwanted
>>> footage between the two clips prior to attempting to do a
>>> transition.  I never had this problem in iMovie.
>>> Any clues please?
>>> Ian Tucker

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