[MacDV] Re: best HD videocam for the Mac?

sb videovideo at mac.com
Wed Oct 18 11:31:00 PDT 2006

HD is, technically, an uncompressed format.
HDV is compressed to 3.6mb/sec

Recording in HD means that your hard drives have to spin faster to keep up
with the data stream. Usually, you need a RAID array to record to disk, and
play back. Also, you will not see as many realtime effects in FCP.
IMovie does not support any HD codecs, only HDV.

HDV records at the same data rate as regular DV, which means you can use
your internal hard drives or a single external drive.

HD cameras are a lot more expensive. The least expensive is the Panasonic
HVX200 which costs about $6,000, plus the P2 cards (instead of video tape)



On 10/18/06 11:14 AM, "David Grant" <dgrant at iastate.edu> wrote:

>>  I like the Sony HC CMOS camcorders. They are HDV, not HD
> Pardon my ignorance but the what is the difference?
> DG

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