[MacDV] Moving iMovie project from one machine to another

Richard Gilmore rgilmor at uwo.ca
Tue Oct 31 13:12:14 PST 2006

I transferred the files in target mode I never thought to try and open the
project from iMovie that way. Good idea to try. Both machines were Tiger PPC
I'm not sure about which versions of iMovie they were but I think they were
close. I don't think that is the problem though it's something to do with
system not copying the permissions or package status.

On 31/10/06 12:57 PM, "Allan" <allan at dsol.co.uk> wrote:

> Another possibility, if the second machine is near the first machine,
> is to connect both in Target mode and burn the project that way.
> Allan Johns.
> On 31 Oct 2006, at 16:54, Richard Gilmore wrote:
>> What I mean by icon change is normally iMovie projects are an all
>> in one
>> package with an iMovie icon even though all the clips are inside
>> the package
>> but it¹s not open-able in the normal way like a folder. When it got
>> transferred to the new computer the package had been changed to a
>> regular
>> folder. It was not a package nor ³blessed² as a bone fide iMovie
>> project
>> which is why I think it didn¹t work. What I need is a way to
>> maintain the
>> package ³blessed² iMovie properties of the original so iMovie knows
>> what it
>> is an how to treat it. This way the movie can be further edited.
>> Any ideas? Am I totally wrong about this?
>> Thanx
>> Richard
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