[MacDV] Back up copies of DVD's

Tom Meyer tmeyer at lps.org
Thu Jan 18 06:02:19 PST 2007

Thank you very much. I will give that a try.


Nick Scalise wrote:
> ---- Tom Meyer <tmeyer at lps.org> wrote: 
>> Thanks Patty. I know that I didn't push any buttons. I don't remember 
>> seeing anything in the instructions but that doesn't mean anything for 
>> those of us over 50. If anyone in the discussion group knows the 
>> sequence let me know, otherwise I will do some searching for it.
>> Tom
>> Patty Winter wrote:
>>>    >From: Tom Meyer <tmeyer at lps.org>
>>>    >
>>>    >I have the Canopus 110 and seem to have some difficulty defeating the 
>>>    >Macrovision. Is there a program I should use it with to better defeat it?
>>> There shouldn't be any software required; there isn't with the 100.
>>> It's just a matter of holding down one of the buttons until the MV
>>> defeat kicks in. I forget the exact instructions, but someone here
>>> should know, or you can Google for them. If you've already done
>>> that and the MV encoding is still there, then perhaps the 110 doesn't
>>> have that capability. (Although I assume that Donna was talking about
>>> the 110 when she said that hers was working fine.)
> Hold down the silver button until you see color bars on the TV connected to it. About 15 seconds. 
> That's all you should need to do.
> If then the movie still plays 'dark' through the 110, then it does not defeat MV.
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