[MacDV] Simple zoom in for FCE

Neville Thomas nevillet at clear.net.nz
Sun Jul 22 12:09:56 PDT 2007

On 23/07/2007, at 3:32 AM, KS wrote:

> I've been working with FCE on my new 2.66 MacPro Intel machine.  I  
> can't find a simple answer on how to create a simple center zoom in  
> or out on a still photo.  I've gone thru T. Wolskey's FCE HD 3.5  
> Editing Workshop tutorials – both DVD and text book on key framing  
> – as well as the default FCE manual.
> Maybe I'm missing something.  Can anyone provide me the steps for  
> creating a center zoom on a still, please?
One solution is to purchase "Photo to Movie" which allows total  
control of the positioning and speed of the zoom.
i recommend as well worth the money.

Neville Thomas in Auckland NZ

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