[MacDV] Re: Simple zoom in for FCE

James Asherman jimash at optonline.net
Sun Jul 22 14:14:23 PDT 2007

On Jul 22, 2007, at 4:37 PM, Mike Rehbein wrote:

>  But the output from P to M is a .DV file.
> I'm not an FCP user but can't the .DV file be imported and FCP or  
> FCE do with the .DV file what it does to become happy with it?
> Just curious, as I said, I don't use the products.
> And I just tested, in iMovie the Ken Burns effect can be used to  
> center zoom. That could be exported as a .DV file as well.
> The KB effect can only be applied to .jpeg or .tiff files which are  
> being imported into iMovie though.
> Mike

.dv is the right file type.
And I think that FCE is limited in not having, maybe, the full  
keyframing abilities of FCP.
  In any case I think that per your suggestion importing the  
photointo iMovie, doing the move there and exporting a .dv to be re- 
imported into FCE is the easiest best way to just get it done.

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