[MacDV] What does it take???

Richard Dalziel-Sharpe dalshar at optushome.com.au
Sat Oct 13 01:50:22 PDT 2007

To my knowledge "data copy" disks will not play in DVD players.
So try this if you still have the file that MacTheRipper created for  
you. If not do that bit again.
I only have the full version of Toast 6, so I hope that the Lite  
version has these menu choices.
Start up Toast and on the drawer that sticks out from the main  
window, click on "Advanced"
Click on the fourth choice, "DVD-Video from VIDEO_TS".
Drag the VIDEO_TS folder from the folder that MacTheRipper created  
into the main window Toast window.
You should see it there with its size and above it will be an icon of  
a disk with the title "My Disk" Click once on
the title and type in the name you want for the burned disk.
Put in a blank disk wait for it to load and then click on the icon on  
the bottom right hand corner of the Toast window to
start it burning.
I do not know the limitations of Toast Lite versus the full version,  
it may not support burning dual layer disks.
If this is so there are several apps that will compress a DL disk so  
that it will fit onto an SL disk with little loss in quality.
I always do this as I cannot justify the cost of a DL disk for such a  
small quality difference.
I use DVD2oneX.
Hope this helps.
Richard, in sunny Australia.

On 13/10/2007, at 4:39 PM, Brett Conlon wrote:
> I then used MacTheRipper to download the disc to my drive, removing  
> all
> copy protection etc, and used Toast Lite to do a data copy of the  
> created
> folder (with VIDEO_TS folder) and it burned without error but it won't
> read when inserted into my home DVD player. Apple's "DVD Player" also
> doesn't recognise it unless I choose the VIDEO_TS folder via "Open DVD
> Media" where it does play normally - dead DL disc 3 (sigh).

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