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Rauno Teravainen raunot at comcast.net
Tue May 12 02:22:03 PDT 2009

It's been slow, 2 to 10 posts a month. 

About your other post, I used to have a Panasonic for a long time, but 
about a year ago it's tape transport mechanism went kaputt.  I still 
used it by capturing directly to a Power Book Pro, but that was 
cumbersome at the best.  So decided to buy a new HD camcorder. 

The make/model I decided for was Hitachi DZ-BD10HA and I love this.  
It's also called a BlueRay Camcorder, it has a 30 GB hard drive as the 
main storage, SD card slot (for video or 6 Megapixel stills) and a BD 
burner for 80mm BlueRay.  It is like dream to me, does what it is 
supposed to do and does it well.  It records in AVCHD format, which is 
based on mpeg-4 as I understand it, the files are easily loaded to any 
newish Mac (I have used both, Intel iMac 24 2.8 GHz and an old G-4 tower 
1.8 Ghz) and converted, by Toast for example, to HDV or H.264, which 
both can be edited by any of the Mac editors.  I paid for it $799 at 
Sams and I think the current Sams price is $599.

My two cents.

I hope this helps to explore the possibilities there are today, at the 
time I bought mine, there was no information available how or if it 
would work with Mac, but I bought it because of the new AVCHD standard 
speculating that it would then or soon after be Mac compatible.  It was 
from the day one.


Conlon Brett wrote:
> Last night I sent an email to the list but I didn't get an echo 
> response from it... just wondering if the list is functioning?
> Cheers,
> Cojcolds
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