[MacDV] Testing 1-2-3

Gregg Gorrie ggorrie at telus.net
Tue May 12 09:50:46 PDT 2009


I'm getting your messages. It does seem to be very quiet on this list

I haven't seen any replies to your previous questions re: a new camcorder.
My knowledge in that area is also somewhat limited/dated, but I agree with
your concerns re: some of the new consumer HD models. It's a little bit
ironic that they're branding them High Definition, yet the final output is
highly compressed video that will look like crap once it has been converted
for editing and re-converted back to MPEG-2 to put on DVD.

Unless you're just taking home videos and don't plan on editing anything, I
would stick with tape-based DV (if any still exist) or possibly camcorders
with hard drives/flash drives that will record higher quality (ie not
MPEG-2) codecs that can be edited directly - assuming they are within your

on 5/8/09 7:09 PM, Conlon Brett at brettnlis at bigpond.com wrote:

> Last night I sent an email to the list but I didn't get an echo
> response from it... just wondering if the list is functioning?
> Cheers,
> Cojcolds
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