[MacDV] Blu Ray

carlian at chariot.net.au carlian at chariot.net.au
Sat Oct 2 22:38:07 PDT 2010

I have an Intel Mac with 2x2.66 Duo Core and 7Gb of RAM.   I use the latest version of FCP and 
save my projects to SD DVD discs.   I take my videos on a Sony HDV Handycam and preset FCP 
to Apple Pro Res 422 LT.   I save my PAL projects in QT using current settings, prior to processing 
in a SD format in Compressor.  I use either DVD Studio Pro or Toast 10 to produce a DVD.

It seems a pity to start with an HD prroject, but end up with a SD product.   Although FCP studio 
allows for Blu Ray editing, Apple does not have available a Blu Ray Burner/Reader.   I assume that 
if I had an external Blu Ray Burner I would be able to produce Blu Ray discs on my Mac.

Could fellow Listers please advise me the best way to go about producing a Blu Ray product ie. the 
name/s of good Blu Ray burners, brands of Blu Ray media used as well as codecs used etc.

Ian Tucker.
South Australia

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