[MacGPS] Powerbook G3 GPS system advice??

Doug daklost at fastermac.net
Sat Jan 8 19:23:35 PST 2005

John Collins wrote:

> Jeff--There is virtually no activity on this list--I don't know that 
> you will get any info. I joined to try and get info on Mac/Gps  and I 
> don't think there have been any postings.
> I would suggest you ask your question on the G-Book list.  
> http://lowendmac.com
> Good activity and very knowledgeable Powerbook owners.
> John
> On Jan 8, 2005, at 12:31 AM, Montez wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> After 5 years, my offices says I have to change my sales territory. With
>> over 1000 customers in my new territory, I'm a little intimidated. I 
>> dread
>> all those lost trips. So I've decided to hopefully utilize an old 
>> Powerbook
>> G3/233 as a GPS system. I've looked at Earthmate & Street Atlas but as I
>> learn more there seem like to many obstacles.
>> Like:
>> 1. Don't have USB port ... What do you think of Belkin's PCMCIA/USB 
>> adapter?
>> 2. Operating system is 9.2 (told not to upgrade to OSX)
>> 3. Need to replace battery but I think it only has 4 hour life.
>> 4. Am not sure which software/hardware solutions are best.
>> Any advice is greatly appreciated.
>> Jeff
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Jeff, I have a firewire pb I got in 2000. Have been using Delorme 
Streetatlas 6.0. They said I could not use their USB. They sent me a 
serial gps, had to buy a keyspan converter and their 12v power cord, so 
I would not have to keep buying AAA batterys. The problem is that 
Delorme has quit supporting Macs. I am still looking to get something 
for a friend. So far I have found several sites for USB drivers and 
receivers by using Google ( mac gps software). My friend hasn't done any 
thing yet so I can't help you there. You might look at Route 66 map 
software. I am not sure it is as smooth as this streetatlas is. I tryed 
to get my son in Mobile to buy the window version of Street Atlas so I 
could try their USB with those drivers. i will keep this post and if I 
find out any thing I will let you know.

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