[MacGPS] Powerbook G3 GPS system advice??

Bluegrasstime phil at bluegrasstime.com
Thu Jul 28 09:12:53 PDT 2005


I just joined the list. Though it seems there's not
much going on here, this particular thread is exactly
what I need.

Have you tried using their USB cable in OS 9? Maybe
the drivers I'm using would be helpful. 

I have a G3 Wallstreet Powerbook, running OS 9.2.2,
Belkin UBS adapter card and Earthmate receiver with
deLorme's serial-to-USB adapter and Street Atlas 6.0,
no difficulty. 

That's a good set-up. Problem is, I've lost the data
CD. I still have the install disc. You seem to have
the data disc. Is there any way I could persuade you
to burn me a copy? I've tried to get one from deLorme
and they were not only unhelpful, they were downright
arrogant about it - "It's not worth our time to
support Mac, we dumped all our Mac files when we
updated our servers, etc." They even tossed all their
copies of 6.0 in the trash.

Please let me know if you can help. I'll pay for any
costs involved, including overnight shipping! I'm
getting ready for some long-distance travels.

phil at bluegrasstime.com

BTW, I've read some very bad reviews of Route 66, so
be warned!!!
John Collins wrote:

> Jeff--There is virtually no activity on this list--I
don't know that 
> you will get any info. I joined to try and get info
on Mac/Gps  and I 
> don't think there have been any postings.
> I would suggest you ask your question on the G-Book
> http://lowendmac.com
> Good activity and very knowledgeable Powerbook
> John
> On Jan 8, 2005, at 12:31 AM, Montez wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> After 5 years, my offices says I have to change my
sales territory. With
>> over 1000 customers in my new territory, I'm a
little intimidated. I 
>> dread
>> all those lost trips. So I've decided to hopefully
utilize an old 
>> Powerbook
>> G3/233 as a GPS system. I've looked at Earthmate &
Street Atlas but as I
>> learn more there seem like to many obstacles.
>> Like:
>> 1. Don't have USB port ... What do you think of
Belkin's PCMCIA/USB 
>> adapter?
>> 2. Operating system is 9.2 (told not to upgrade to
>> 3. Need to replace battery but I think it only has
4 hour life.
>> 4. Am not sure which software/hardware solutions
are best.
>> Any advice is greatly appreciated.
>> Jeff
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Jeff, I have a firewire pb I got in 2000. Have been
using Delorme 
Streetatlas 6.0. They said I could not use their USB.
They sent me a 
serial gps, had to buy a keyspan converter and their
12v power cord, so 
I would not have to keep buying AAA batterys. The
problem is that 
Delorme has quit supporting Macs. I am still looking
to get something 
for a friend. So far I have found several sites for
USB drivers and 
receivers by using Google ( mac gps software). My
friend hasn't done any 
thing yet so I can't help you there. You might look at
Route 66 map 
software. I am not sure it is as smooth as this
streetatlas is. I tryed 
to get my son in Mobile to buy the window version of
Street Atlas so I 
could try their USB with those drivers. i will keep
this post and if I 
find out any thing I will let you know.


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