[MacGPS] 'ejecting' gps

maggi w maggi at userfriendly.net
Tue Jun 13 07:23:04 PDT 2006

First, i apologize if this has been asked before.  I checked through the
archives and didnt see this ..

My husband and I have just jumped into geocaching recently and have
purchased Magellan eXplorist 600 gps receivers.

Getting them to work with Macs, well, that's a totally different story,
unfortunately, and he's almost pulling his hair out on that one.

The bugging question right now is what is the best way to 'unmount' the gps
once connected to the mac?  Unplugging gives the 'device was improperly
removed' error message, and dragging the mount to the trash gets rid of it
for a second, but then the icon shows up again back on the desktop.  And
naturally, the manual is windows oriented  :(


  - maggi
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