Game ranger user ID's

jpo anam at
Sat Mar 1 19:57:07 PST 2003

>I was wondering what every ones Game Ranger ID is?  I know there are a lot
>of people on Game Ranger although I don=B9t use it often but it would be nice
>if we could get a list complied of everyone=B9s ID so that when we are out
>there we can contact each other!
>New members on the list could then look up other members on the list (via a
>website???) and then jump on Game Ranger.  Maybe we could form our own clan
>and kick everyone else=B9s butts?!?
>My screen name is GREYhound.  I=B9m thinking of starting to use Game Ranger
>more but I really have more fun when I know who I=B9m gaming with.
My SN is Anamachaa ... I think you've a fairly good idea, especially 
seeing as how I don't use X, and I think many of the people on GR are 
a bunch of drips and dweebs.

Anyway.  It would be good to see that this is NOT the case.  :)


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