[MPA] Onkyo MSE-U33HB Dig Audio Proc. Know anything aboutit?

Frank Farwell macintalkpro at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 23 08:43:58 PST 2002

--- Scott Jacob Loehr <scott.loehr at verizon.net> wrote:
> >Scott, another guy on another list told me he just
> got one. Says it does
> >include a phono preamp...he's used it and it worked
> fine.
> >
> >Also, I think the level adjustment is for output,
> not input, but I'm not sure.
> >
> >David
> I think I saw an input level control knob on the
> right side of the 
> front of the box in the picture that was displayed. 
> Click on the 
> image for a really BIG picture!

OK i use one it has a mic-line level input switch. The
it has a level inupt knob.  For output it is stereo
but for input it only is mono from my experience (i
could be wrong) Onkyo has a higher end one that is
stereo in.

In my experience using a middle of the reaod mike like
the sure SM-58 or 59 you need a preamp to drive enough
sound through it.  Of course with a tape deck that has
audio out it has a preamp and thats all that is
needed. My primary use of it is with a wireless telex
mike setup taht i feed into the Onkyo and then into my
G4 400 tibook - this setup works very good for audio.

frank farwell

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