[MPA] DP 4 For OS X

Peter Kirn musicmac at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 7 10:22:22 PDT 2003

On Friday, Apr 18, 2003, at 01:12 Canada/Eastern, Scott Jacob Loehr 

> I ordered mine via credit card as soon as the upgrade was listed on 
> MOTU's site; it hasn't arrived yet, and they haven't charged my credit 
> card yet, either.  I also inquired about their Mach 5 software sampler 
> by phone, but they still don't have a release date.  The latest info 
> I've seen (via EQ magazine) indicated Q1 for Mac and Q2 for peecee.  
> Aren't we in Q2 now?  Of course, I'd much rather that they get it 
> right before shipping, but I DO get a bit antsy about the whole 
> pre-release hype thang.  Also, DP4 is what's holding up my migration 
> to OSX.

Well, print magazines go to print very early, so they often get it 
wrong. MOTU's been pretty far off on their projections, though, I'll 
agree. I'm also anxious to get Mach 5! Do they even have pricing for 
that yet?

I think a lot of people are waiting on DP4 for OS X. I've not heard 
very many people who switched DAWs in their migration to OS X -- as 
some had predicted. There's not been a max exodus to Logic, for 
example; if any software has picked up more users it's probably Cubase 
SX just because it's a much stronger release than previous versions, 
just anecdotally, though I have no idea what actual sales numbers are. 
People seem pretty loyal to their software of choice.

PT for OS X has shipped, though, I might add. I'll be trying that out 
soon, though I vastly prefer working in DP, even with projects that 
don't require MIDI.


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