Midi interfaces with Mbox/PT-LE-6/OSX?

david clayton dclayton at life.uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 4 10:07:38 PDT 2003

I've been studying the forums and the digi compatibility docs, and I 
can't quite figure this out...

If I'm going to run ProTools LE (version 6) using the Mbox for audio 
I/O, are there restrictions on the MIDI interface I can use? (I know 
that digidesign is rather picky about what hardware is required for 
their software).

Specifically, I want to use my desktop (dual G4/450) making MIDI 
additions to audio trax -- this box is currently set up with a DELTA 
1010 audio/midi interface.  So if I want to run ProTools on it, I'll 
need to put the Mbox on the desktop. But will Protools then let me 
select the Delta 1010 as the MIDI interface, or do I need some other 
"digi-approved" midi interface?

(Meanwhile,  for primary audio instrument tracking as opposed to 
editing, the plan is to use the Mbox with my Powerbook G4.  For that, 
from what I'm reading, I think I should be able to generate a click 
track from within protools and hear it WITHOUT any MIDI interface or 
controller on the powerbook -- is that right, or do I also need to 
invest in some sort of USB MIDI interface for the powerbook, too?)

thanks for any advice,

David F. Clayton, Ph.D.       The University of Illinois
dclayton at uiuc.edu             217-244-3668

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