MOTU Mach 5 arrives!!!

Scott Jacob Loehr scott.loehr at
Tue Aug 5 17:15:45 PDT 2003

Just got Mach 5.

Positive pre-installation impressions:
      It works with OS9 and OSX (10.2).  (I thought it was only going 
to work in X!)
      Built-in Spectral Analyzer and tuner.
      Looks like you do pretty much everything in ONE window.
      Sweetwater Sound included 4 pieces of candy in the box.

Unexpected baaaadddd news:
      It's got a USB iLok SmartKey (otherwise known as a "dongle", 
perhaps?) that must be plugged into a USB port for the program to 
run.  I don't know if you can authorize more than one Mac or more 
than one OS.  Onward through the fog!

	Included is a Soundbank DVD with over 4.3 GB of samples, 
which appears to be a "Greatest Hits" collection from Ultimate 
Soundbank (  No suprise... Mach 5 uses 
their UVI engine.  Most of the sounds are rhythm section... LOTS of 
drums & percussion.  There are a couple of 192 kHz instruments and a 
surround-sampled pipe organ.  Time to load up a few Gigasample discs 
and see what happens!

Scott Jacob Loehr

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