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Tue Aug 19 07:04:04 PDT 2003

...we used to call them "Bachman-Turner Overweight"...

BT:  Barbra Threithand?  Bachman Turner?  Bengal Tiger?  The (Jeff) 
Beckstra Terrestrial?

BT (aka Brian Transeau) is a remixer/looper kind of guy.  The only 
thing I've ever heard by him is the demo he did for the G5 at the 
WWDC.  He did some of the music for the "Fast & Furious" soundtrack. 
His fans tout the mention of his classical training, which I suppose 
puts him in a higher place in his fan's eyes.  Kindof like saying 
that "Gene Simmons is fluent in seven languages".  Or my favorite: 
"Yanni has never had a lesson in his life."  My response:  "And it 

Scott Jacob Loehr

>Seriously, who is BT though? I feel lost. I realize I'm a child of 
>the 70s and would live happily ever after with only the music of 
>that time gracing my ears but I feel I must ask who "BT" is.
>KathyMac (a real BTO fan from way back!)
>On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 05:27  AM, Mac Pro Audio List wrote:
>>Yeah, but they are not in "Overdive" anymore. They can barely get out
>>of 1st gear.
>>David Crandon

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