[MPA] Help on Upgrading

Howie S macmatters at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 1 16:05:02 PST 2003

on 12/1/03 1:52 PM, Richard Edwards at richard.e at btclick.com wrote:

> Could anyone recommend what Mac or equipment to buy to
> upgrade/replace a Mac 7500 with Crescendo G3 [160Mb RAM - 8.4Gb and
> 1GB HDs] to a Mac which will run Logic Audio plus Sampler(s) and VST
> Plug-Ins...keeping the budget as low as possible. [If relevant the
> other current equipment is a Mackie 24 channel, a Midi keyboard, an
> Akai S3000 Sampler and a Roland JV 2080, FX Hardware Units, CD and
> Tapedeck]

If VST instruments are part of the equation, then a dual G4 is what you'll
need. It's probably what you'll want even without using VST instruments.
Logic takes advantage of dual processors, so any dual from the Quicksilver
series to the MDD series will give you good performance.

The G5 duals are quite expensive and don't boot into OS 9, plus many audio
plugins are just currently making their way to OS X. So there is some
advantage with the OS 9 bootable machines at this point. Not to mention the
PSU noise problems that are showing up in some of the G5's. I have one, so I
speak from experience. Sigh.


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