Looking for "old ProTools sofware for PC

Dean deanreic at gte.net
Fri Dec 12 13:20:26 PST 2003

Wait! Before you jump on me read.
My son is saving for a new G4 powerbook that I'm going to help him get.
In the mean time I am wanting to find an older "legal" version of 
for PC that he could load on his PI 166 laptop as a Xmas gift.
I know about "ProTools Free", but he only has 64Meg of Ram (the max!) 
and that's not enough.
I know this is a Mac list but I was wondering if there were any PC 
converts out there who might have an older version that he could run on 
this configuration? Or, does one even exsist for PC that will use 
internal sound cards like version 3.4 did on a  mac?

Thanks in advance

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