[MPA] Simple OS10 extractor?

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Mon Dec 22 13:01:42 PST 2003

>Hello!  In OS9 with my Roxio Toast was a simple application called 
>"Extractor".  The program made it simple to extract the information 
>(music usually) from a CD without modifying/compressing the data. Is 
>there an OS10 equivant to use?  Cost is not a problem; I want it.

Dear D,
	Greetings!  I've got Toast Titanium 6.0 on my G5 (running 
Panther)... here's how I've been doing it.

1)  Launch Toast
2)  Select 'Audio' in top menu
3)  Load music CD into Superdrive
4)  Double-click on the audio CD on the desktop
5)  Drag desired tracks into Toast's "Drag sound files or audio 
tracks into this area" area
6)  Select desired tracks; re-order and/or re-name as desired
	(When compiling tracks from multiple sources,
	I start all track names with a 2-digit number...
	i.e., "01. Let It Bee", "02. Hey, Dude", etc.
	This makes it easier to assemble the final list
	after extracting all the tracks.)
7)  Click on "Export" button at bottom of Toast window
8)  Navigate to desired drive/folder

This has worked for me so far... I've only had one glitch - an audio 
CD-R that a bass player gave me that wouldn't extract the last minute 
of the last tune on a CD with 2 songs.  I checked the master on a 
couple of CD players, and they hung up at the same spot.  Bad 
Master!!!  Thankfully not my G5's fault (nor Toast's).

Good luck,
Scott Jacob Loehr

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