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Tue Dec 23 06:18:25 PST 2003

In a message dated Mon, 22 Dec 2003 15:10:05, Scott Jacob Loehr <scott at folkloehr.com> writes:

    Also, I was curious - what Audio CD mastering programs is
everybody using (other than Jam or Toast)?  I used to use
digidesign's MasterListCD a few years ago, but they weren't very
helpful with upgrades over the years.

Scott Jacob Loehr

Jam for me.
IIRC, MasterList was a $1000 program when it came out. They 'graciously' dropped the price to $500 a bit later. Then Jam came out for around $100 with basically the same feature set.

Digidesign, for all their great work, has a reputation for
charging the top end of what the market will bear, and
using obtrusive copy protection that rankles this long-time
(licensed, paying) user.

Their parent company, Avid does the same thing in the
video realm.

Is it any wonder that Final Cut Pro has been so successful,
when Avid's competing (and previously market-leading)
video editing program cost upwards of five times more,
with fewer features, when FCP was released?

David Reaves
TransLanTech Sound, LLC

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