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Dylan Nirvana dylan at dylanirvana.com
Wed Dec 24 09:54:00 PST 2003

Please no more email. Thanks.

On 12/23/03 9:56 AM, "Scott Jacob Loehr" <scott at folkloehr.com> wrote:

>> IIRC, MasterList was a $1000 program when it came out. They
>> 'graciously' dropped the price to $500 a bit later. Then Jam came
>> out for around $100 with basically the same feature set.
>> Digidesign, for all their great work, has a reputation for
>> charging the top end of what the market will bear, and
>> using obtrusive copy protection that rankles this long-time
>> (licensed, paying) user.
>> Their parent company, Avid does the same thing in the
>> video realm.
>> Is it any wonder that Final Cut Pro has been so successful,
>> when Avid's competing (and previously market-leading)
>> video editing program cost upwards of five times more,
>> with fewer features, when FCP was released?
>> </rant>
>> David Reaves
>> TransLanTech Sound, LLC
> I experienced many of the same problems/frustrations.  I was
> using an AudioMedia2 NuBus card on my older Macs with digidesign's
> Session software, along with MasterListCD and SoundDesigner2.  It
> didn't take me too long to jump on Digital Performer when Performer
> went Digital, and Session was suddenly quite inferior.  I had many
> difficulties with MasterListCD early on (it was quite problematic
> from 1.0 until 1.4, then moderately so until 2.4; now I can't use it
> due to copy protection via floppy, if that tells you where their
> heads were at)... I bought an AudioMedia3 card to use with my G4, and
> it didn't take me long to envision a digidesign-free studio... my
> experiences with digi's tech support grew increasingly more expensive
> and elitist - according to them, the universe would all balance out
> if I would just get in line and shell out $15,000 for a ProTools
> system.  I received many comments from several employees to the
> effect of "Wow... all you've got is SD2?  We can't waste our time on
> tech calls for a program that we no longer support.  Look for a
> dwindling User Group."  THIS for a $29.95 hit to my credit card?
> That's when I bought Jam, Spark, and my MOTU interfaces, and
> I've been digi-free ever since.  $2,600 beats $15,000 anyday.
> The only thing I miss digi-wise is the feature in
> MasterListCD that lets you insert track numbers anywhere you want.
> My workaround is to open up the mix in Spark and create regions...
> very functional, but it's a few extra steps.
> I've done one session in ProTools... at an outside
> "World-Class" facility, and we have to go back and re-record several
> of the tracks due to a number of glitches, pops, and other noises
> that showed up on the bass and some of the drum tracks.  We
> troubleshot everything before, during, and after the session, and it
> turned out to be the interface.  We lost time, momentum, and money,
> and our 'fix' is to bring the bassist back over to my place so I can
> re-record his tracks in DP.
> I assume that my experiences hover closer to the exception
> rather than the rule... otherwise, ProTools would not have been able
> to retain the first syllable of its name.
> Scott Jacob Loehr
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