[MPA] Simple OS10 extractor?

mrk mrk at swbell.net
Wed Dec 24 11:33:18 PST 2003


I need some help!!
I just sold commercial sutio gear, Yamaha O2R V2.0 and MAC G4 dual 800, OS
9.2 running Logic 6.0 Platinum with with RME hammerfall 9652 ligtpipe
interface, etc. I am going to concentrate stictly on writing and film score
work, and find myself in a "what do I use" dilema. I never had a problem
with MAC G4 OS 9.2 and Logic 6.0 Platinum. In fact, I love all the plug-ins
and virtual instruments VST makes available for this set up. Therefore I am
seriously considering a Yamaha O1V96, ADAT light pipe in and out and a MAC
Dual 1.42 with Logic 6.0 and the new RME Hammerfall 9652 cards. However a
friend said I need to go the G5 dual 2.0 with OS 10.3 and Logic 6 Platinum.
I have serious concerns about the Audio Unit format and 3rd party plug-in
development support, and what about all the great VST plug-ins and
instruments that I have, i.e. Antares auto tune 3.0, Antares mic-modler,
Logic EXC24 mkII, etc. etc. I understand you cannot run VST on the new G5
with Logic. PS: I also have two Emagic Unitor 8 mkIIs that I love and want
to use. I honestly would appreciate some seasoned advice.  What do you
think, G4 or G5?

Mike Knox

mrk at swbell.net

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> >Hello!  In OS9 with my Roxio Toast was a simple application called
> >"Extractor".  The program made it simple to extract the information
> >(music usually) from a CD without modifying/compressing the data. Is
> >there an OS10 equivant to use?  Cost is not a problem; I want it.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >D
> Dear D,
> Greetings!  I've got Toast Titanium 6.0 on my G5 (running
> Panther)... here's how I've been doing it.
> 1)  Launch Toast
> 2)  Select 'Audio' in top menu
> 3)  Load music CD into Superdrive
> 4)  Double-click on the audio CD on the desktop
> 5)  Drag desired tracks into Toast's "Drag sound files or audio
> tracks into this area" area
> 6)  Select desired tracks; re-order and/or re-name as desired
> (When compiling tracks from multiple sources,
> I start all track names with a 2-digit number...
> i.e., "01. Let It Bee", "02. Hey, Dude", etc.
> This makes it easier to assemble the final list
> after extracting all the tracks.)
> 7)  Click on "Export" button at bottom of Toast window
> 8)  Navigate to desired drive/folder
> This has worked for me so far... I've only had one glitch - an audio
> CD-R that a bass player gave me that wouldn't extract the last minute
> of the last tune on a CD with 2 songs.  I checked the master on a
> couple of CD players, and they hung up at the same spot.  Bad
> Master!!!  Thankfully not my G5's fault (nor Toast's).
> Good luck,
> Scott Jacob Loehr
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