[MPA] Simple OS10 extractor?

Jay Shaffer jshaf at jayshaffer.com
Wed Dec 24 14:11:00 PST 2003

You don't have to trash your VST stuff, You can simply get a VST to AU 
wrapper like the FXpansion one at: 
And if you can afford it, go the G5 route. IMHO.
Jay Shaffer
Mac Audio Guy
mag at macaudioguy.com

On Dec 24, 2003, at 12:33 PM, mrk wrote:

> Scott,
> I need some help!!
> I just sold commercial sutio gear, Yamaha O2R V2.0 and MAC G4 dual 
> 800, OS
> 9.2 running Logic 6.0 Platinum with with RME hammerfall 9652 ligtpipe
> interface, etc. I am going to concentrate stictly on writing and film 
> score
> work, and find myself in a "what do I use" dilema. I never had a 
> problem
> with MAC G4 OS 9.2 and Logic 6.0 Platinum. In fact, I love all the 
> plug-ins
> and virtual instruments VST makes available for this set up. Therefore 
> I am
> seriously considering a Yamaha O1V96, ADAT light pipe in and out and a 
> Dual 1.42 with Logic 6.0 and the new RME Hammerfall 9652 cards. 
> However a
> friend said I need to go the G5 dual 2.0 with OS 10.3 and Logic 6 
> Platinum.
> I have serious concerns about the Audio Unit format and 3rd party 
> plug-in
> development support, and what about all the great VST plug-ins and
> instruments that I have, i.e. Antares auto tune 3.0, Antares 
> mic-modler,
> Logic EXC24 mkII, etc. etc. I understand you cannot run VST on the new 
> G5
> with Logic. PS: I also have two Emagic Unitor 8 mkIIs that I love and 
> want
> to use. I honestly would appreciate some seasoned advice.  What do you
> think, G4 or G5?
> Mike Knox
> mrk at swbell.net

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