Preparing for a course in theatre sound

Thomas Snow tsnow at
Thu Dec 25 04:35:49 PST 2003

I am a student at Northern Kentucky University in technical theatre.  I am preparing to
take a course in theatre sound, and I am looking for advice on what I need to add to my
computer to perform
the audio editing that will be needed to meet the requirements of the course.

I am working on the following:

PowerMac G3 (Blue and White) with Machine speed of 400 MHz
It has 512 MB  of RAM
I am running Mac OS 9.2.2
(This Christmas break, I will add Mac OS 10.2 in such a way as to allow me to boot into
In addition to the original 9 GB SCSI hard drive I had added a 80 GB SeaGate ATA hard
I have a LaCie 52x24x52 CD burner

I currently have Toast Lite (came with the CD burner) and ProTools Free as software

Additionally, I have an old Yamaha PM180 mixer and 2 SHURE SM 57 microphones.

May I please have the lists suggestions as to additional software and hardware that I may

Thomas Snow

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