What About Logic's EXS24II

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Thanks for the reply.  My MAC tech, said that EXS24II will not run under
OS10.3 in Logic as it will only run Audio Unit virtual synths and samplers.
Also, I used RME Hammerfalls with my O2R v2.0 and MAC dual 800 G4 running
Logic 6.0 and they worked great.  However, With the new PCI-X does anyone
make a card to connect to a mixer like the Yamaha O1V96 where you can mix
down 24 tracks of audio or 16 tracks of 24/96 in real time mastering to a
external CD Burner???  I think this is great this G5 "fastest in the world"
stuff, but if no one is making any real life pro audio interfaces, etc., it
seems like MAC is trying to go propriatary, like Microsoft and their Wndows
products.  Can you shed some light on this whole thing?  Otherwise, I may
have to buy a G4 dual 1.42 and run Logic 6 with OS 9.2.  Please help.

Mike Knox
mrk at swbell.net

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> Hi,
> You don't need the VST-AU to use EXS24II with Logic. However it works very
> well with all the Antares plugins like Autotune and Mic Modeler.
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> Angus.
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> On Thu, 25 Dec 2003, mrk wrote:
> > Can the EXS24II be played in using your VST to Audio Untis converter in
Logic 6, on a MAC G5?  What about Antares mic modler and auto tune 3 VST
plug ins?
> >
> > Mike Knox
> > mrk at swbell.net

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