Upgrade to OSX problems

Haas, Christopher E. chaas at bsu.edu
Tue Feb 11 07:51:54 PST 2003

I've been trying to upgrade to OSX for the computer in my little sound studio and have run into a problem.  We are currently using Peak LE 3.2 and Deck LE 3.5 and the computer has an Echo Gina card for in/out.  I cannot get Peak or Deck to recognize the Gina card under OSX.  I've installed the Beta drivers from Echo and have not had any luck.

I can allows reboot into OS 9 for those times I need to use the card, but I think it's a pain to do that.  Anyone have any advice, help or am I just SOL until Echo finishes beta work with the driver?

Chip Haas
Technical Director
Dept of Theatre and Dance
Ball State University


chaas at bsu.edu

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