What CPU upgrade to use DP,Logic, Cubase?

Mark McMillan markymac1 at tiscali.fr
Thu Feb 13 11:22:18 PST 2003

Hi There,

I have a G4 400MHz AGP Graphics computer and wondered if anyone could advise
me on a good upgrade.

My set up at the moment is OS 9.2.2......MOTU 2408......DP 3.02.....Reason
2......Recycle.....2......B4 as well as a few plugs and maybe Bias Peak.

I'm also looking for advice on whether to stick to DP and get the upgrade or
go with Logic 6 (as I was told only Logic 6 would let me record into it
triggering Reason instruments) or Cubase X which I've heard is the best so
far and a good stable program. I don't know if Logic 6 works on OS 9.2.2 or
OSX only. Of course if things point to Cubase then I would have to change my
operating system and that brings me to my other question of out of my
existing set up what would have to be upgraded or even dropped? Any idea of
the costs?

Any advice and opinions would be welcomed.


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