Couple Protools questions

Bobbo bobbo924 at
Sat Feb 15 19:49:26 PST 2003

Two quick questions on the ProTools universe. I'm a long-time Deck user but
have not had a good relationship with BIAS' software (though the people are
very nice), so am transitioning to PT, beginning with PT Free for the
learning curve, then on to either mBox or 002. So two quick questions:

1) On the Deck list, there is endless testimony to the fact that USB is not
a good choice for audio. Deck users with various USB controllers, from iMic
to $500 interface/controller devices seem to be experiencing clicks, pops
and stutters. So the question, already obvious, is whether the mBox shares
these difficulties. Mac platform, various machines and systems ranging from
350/AGP G4 desktop to 867 G4 desktop to 1 gig Powerbook.

2) How do the Focusrite preamps used by Digi in the 002 and mBox compare
to, say, the newer Mackie preamps? Anyone have the opportunity to try both?

3) Can Protools LE be used with other interfaces, like the MOTU 828?



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