Real Time A/V FX Advice

lazy right eye lazyrighteye at
Tue Feb 25 13:13:42 PST 2003

Hey users,
I have an opportunity to run audio/video for a jazz/rock band in May. The 
theater we are playing in, can provide us (amongst other things) an LCD 

I have an iBook/500, 10.2.4, 640M RAM, and would love to (at least at 
certain portions of the performance) be able to send audio signal from the 
soundboard > iBook > LCD projector, and project real time, iTunes-like 
visuals that move to the real time audio signal.
Is this possible?
If so, how?

Oh, and for what it's worth, I also have a desktop G4/500, 1G RAM, 10.2.4 
(if, for some reason, those PCI slots and/or the G4 processor matter).

Thanks all,

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