[MPA] Real Time A/V FX advice

Doug Cameron doug.cameron at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 26 10:19:48 PST 2003

	Lance Trickey wrote:

>"one thing to keep in mind is that these tend to be reactive to the 
>strongest parts of the audio signal. You can try to control what 
>bits are dominant by doing some very radical EQ'ing between the 
>sound board and the computer. Like using a lowpass to only provide 
>bass tones to the visualizer. No one will be hearing your submix so 
>it's only purpose would be to isolate the frequencies that make the 
>visualizer look best.  A programable multi-band EQ would work best 
>here. You could set up "scenes" in this way. Also , being able to 
>mute the input to the visualizer if some one is just talking would 
>be a nice touch.
>I have played around with Gforce in this way and the results are 
>much better than using the material unaltered."

	On many mixers you can take a direct output from each 
channel. You could take the bass, or  bass drum, or snare, or guitar, 
or vocals,  etc., and have your video controlled by which ever 
instrument you wanted.

	Better yet, if you have an unused  aux out on the mixer, you 
could sent any one or any combination of instruments to the aux out 
and then have video respond to this mix. Examples could be bass, bass 
and snare, bass drum and snare, complete drum kit, etc. This would be 
easy to control - if you wanted to emphasize a bass passage, simply 
turn down the other instruments you have in the aux mix. If you want 
to follow the hi hats just turn them up in the aux mix.

	Good luck.
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