[MPA] Extracting Audio From MPEG Movie?

Filipe M. macfilipe at netcabo.pt
Fri Mar 7 22:07:06 PST 2003

On Sábado, Mar 8, 2003, at 05:01 Europe/Lisbon, Thubten Kunga wrote:

> I'm stumped. I have downloaded a 55.4 MB 5:34 minute Music Video MPEG 
> movie (i know not what flavor) that plays in QuickTime. But when I try 
> to use my QuickTime Pro 6.1 to export the audio as an AIFF file, I get 
> no option to do that. In fact no audio extraction option is shown. So 
> I downloaded Extractor .95 from the internet and it won't recognize 
> the MPEG movie as a file it can deal with. I did already export the 
> original MPEG movie as a QuickTime Movie. But Extractor doesn't see 
> that file either.
> I have a Judeth Stern and Robert Lettieri Visual QuickStart Guide to 
> QT Pro 5 book that says that I am supposed to be able to see audio 
> export options that don't show up in QTP 6.1. Did Apple remove the 
> audio extraction options in 6.1 Pro?
> How do I get the audio out of the MPEG movie and ultimately into an 
> MP3 file?
> Thanks in advance for your help whom ever you are.
> k

I guess you may have gotten yourself a multiplexed (muxed) file. In 
Quicktime Pro, press command-J and see what appears in the left pop-up; 
you should have something like Movie and Muxed Track.

If so, Quicktime will not demux the audio and video tracks apart.

Under OS X, http://www.versiontracker.com/moreinfo.fcgi?id=15987&db=mac 
might do the trick for you...

Hope I have helped,


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